MERGE: March 31, 2012

Art in Public Spaces

Map for March 2012 event
Over the course of the last eight years, during which FLOOD has worked with the Long Beach Arts District in mounting the annual SoundWalk event, it has become apparent that there is not only an openness to creative experimentation, but there is also strong desire for self-expression among the business owners and residential organizations who have partnered with FLOOD by graciously providing spaces and venues to SoundWalk artists.

With an approach to curation that has as much to do with collaborative performance as it does exhibition, we as FLOOD seek to mobilize diverse groups of individuals to create artwork that is innovative and culturally relevant

As a result, in 2012, FLOOD is launching a trio of events entitled MERGE. This will be an exercise in communal curation merging creative individuals with the Arts District’s business and residential communities. In each of these events, business owners and residential organizations will present artists whom they find relevant. These artists will be juxtaposed and, at times, engaging with artists selected by FLOOD. In what will be an evening highlighting a diversity of interplayful sensibilities, visitors will find themselves within an expressive city space, shifting with fluid aesthetic interactions and energized by creative tension.

WHAT: Merge 2011 Part 1, A one-night event of video projection, sound installations, performance art, theater, music and more by local artists. Parts 2 & 3 are scheduled take place on June 2nd and
December 1st.

WHERE: Throughout the area encompassed by 4th St, Linden Ave, First Street and Elm Ave.

WHEN: Saturday, March 31, 2012 from 5 – 10 pm



  • Angela Willcocks
  • Album Cover Remix Project at Fingerprints
  • Boor Baar Duo
  • Emily Kiwa Tanaka
  • Eric Strauss
  • Cassandra Babcock
  • Cheryl Walker
  • Christopher Clad
  • Contemporary Art Exhibitions, Open House, and Glow Room Children's Workshop at Art X
  • Greggory Moore
  • Group Show at Hellada Gallery
  • Katina Mitchell
  • Kay Erickson
  • Kyle Adkins
  • Lavish Womb
  • Linda Ravenswood
  • Martin Herman
  • Michael Stearns
  • Group Show, Mixed Media Works 440 E First
  • M.R.G
  • Open House Pottery Demonstration
  • Poetry Reading at Sidewalk Fashions Hats
  • Sandra Carter
  • Art Opening at Zephyr

Thank you to all who participated. See photos here.