It is FLOOD's desire to raise awareness for new and emergent art, exposing audiences and communities to upstream sensibilities and approaches.

Since that first year, SoundWalk became an international event. Attendees converged from various cities, states and countries. Artists ran the gamut from respected figures current in the international scene to talented guerrilla artists. SoundWalk also sponsored pre and post performance series.

FLOOD is in the process of connectivity by expanding both geographically and conceptually. Further details we be provided at our art event on October 1st, 2016.


It is FLOOD's desire to raise awareness as well engender appreciation for new and emergent art, exposing both audiences and the larger community to aesthetic sensibilities and approaches that exist outside those of the mainstream.
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The members of the artist group FLOOD have been working together on installation projects for the last nine years. FLOOD is interested in testing the limits of artistic expression through collaboration and experimentation within a variety of artistic genres. In addition to its own art, FLOOD curates the annual Soundwalk sonic installation event in downtown Long Beach. Current members of FLOOD as of September 2016 are Kamran Assadi, Nick Dynice, Frauke von der Horst, Victoria Bryan, Betsy Lohrer Hall, Jon Cicchetti, Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham, Kay Erickson. The current non-member adviser is Marco Schindelmann.

Selected Installation/ Performance


  • soundpedro, June 2017
  • PUMP, October 2017

  • 2016

  • PUMP announced for October 2017 with opening show

  • 2013




    • 7th Annual SoundWalk 2010 (Organized/Curated/Coordinated), Long Beach, California
    • Zoom 2& (Curated/Installed/Performed), Torrance Art Museum, California


    • 6th Annual SoundWalk 2009 (Organized/Curated/Coordinated), Long Beach, California
    • Spontaneous Aura (Installation Performance with sound manipulation and live video projections)
    • Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, California
    • Visions and Voices (videotaped interviews about art), Koos Art Center, Long Beach, California
    • Bluetooth's Castle, a “punceptual” art installation (video/sound art installation), Long Beach, California (Part of TED X Exhibitions)


    • 5th Annual SoundWalk 2008 (Organized/Curated/Coordinated), Long Beach, California
    • Momentum (Coordinated and curated one-night only event), Collaboration with guest curator, Karen Crews, Long Beach, California
    • SoundTalk (Sound Installation / Lecture), Gallerie 21, Breaunschweig, Germany


    • 4th Annual SoundWalk 2007 (Organized/Curated/Coordinated), Long Beach, California
    • Inside Out (installation and performance), The Carpenter Performing Arts Center, CSULB



    • 2nd Annual SoundWalk 2005 (Organized/Curated/Coordinated)
    • Long Beach, California
    • Carchestra (Created sound art piece for cars), In Collaboration with Public Corporation for Arts during Smithsonian week event, Long Beach, CA and in Santa Ana, CA


    • 1st Annual SoundWalk 2004 (Organized/Curated/Coordinated), Long Beach, California
    • Relocation (Installation), California State University, Max L.Gatov Gallery


    • Solid State (Installation), Angels Gate Cultural Center San Pedro, California
    • Reception, Perception, Deception (Installation and performance), Hellada Gallery, Long Beach, CA